Soil Trials! – Whose soil is the best?

To prove just how amazing our thoughtfully-blended, sustainable Artisan Soil is, we’ve decided to do a full-blown (pretty) scientific test! We planted several tomato plants today in each of three different soils; Table to Farm Artisan Soil, Paonia Soil Company’s The Bomb soil mix, and some cheap, generic soil from the hardware store.

To keep everything fair and square (we truly want to know how our soil stacks up), Trevor and Monique nourished these beautiful little tomatoes with compost tea.

Check out these cool photos of their brewing process! Compost tea is (sadly) not a new hip cafe menu item; it’s a super nutritive liquid made by aerating all the hard-working little microbes found in our compost! (You can see the aerator bubbling the brew- it’s blowing air into the liquid itself.)



Have you ever seen those probiotic drinks that are labelled as “alive”? Compost tea is kind of like those. We put our little buggers in water, add a little sugar for them to chow down on, aerate some oxygen into their bubble bath, and they produce this amazing liquid in return! Plants love it–it’s kind of like a delicious protein drink.



To see a video of the planting process, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. And stay tuned for updates on the tomato progress. We’re waiting on the edges of our seats!