Affordable curbside service and artisanal compost

Let’s put an end to food waste.

In the La Plata County region, about 40% of what goes to our landfills is food & other organic matter. This is a total waste – for our community, our soil, our farmers, and our climate.


Choose from one of our pricing plans. Your bucket will be delivered to your doorstep within 7-14 days depending on your subscription type!


We take all food scraps! Please no plastic, metal, animal waste or rubber. View what you can compost below.


Place your bucket curbside by 8am once a week on your recycling day and leave it out until 6pm!

Subscription Plans

Residential Service

Commercial Service

Compost Kiosk


$22/month + one-time set-up fee

Single Family


$28/month weekly
$18/month every other week
+ one-time set-up fee


It's Growing Season!

Time for compost in those garden beds for the growing season! We offer a variety of locally crafted compost and soil amendment products to enrich soil nutrition. Order online or visit one of our partner nurseries.

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New community garden and learning lab tests the limits of what can grow when imagination and compost combine.

Carbon Farming in La Plata County

Your trash is the earth's treasure

Your food scraps can save the planet! If everyone in the La Plata County region recycled their food scraps into compost, we could grow higher quality food and sequester carbon. As a community, we can transform our “waste” into living soil building local self-reliance and supporting people, the planet, and prosperity for everyone. 

Total tons of CO2 emissions diverted
Total pounds of food scraps diverted

This is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. This is not something you can like on Facebook.”

– Greta Thunberg

Benefits to YOU!

Support Local

By choosing to support local businesses like Table to Farm Compost, your buying dollars stay in the our community and you are helping to grow the La Plata County economy.

Recycle Nutrients

Growing food removes valuable nutrients from the soil. Composting returns those nutrients and living microorganisms to the soil, thus completing the cycle. This living biology is what sequesters carbon and promotes plant health.

Save The Planet

Food that decomposes in a landfill releases methane gas, a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20 year lifespan. Plus, saving food from ever making it to the landfill reduces the need for more and larger landfills.

Free Compost

Household customers are eligible to receive two, 7.5 gallon compost dividends annually. Just login to your customer portal to place this order. You can order one at a time, or both at once!

Member Perks

Receive first priority, on-hand batched compost and artisan soil each spring, delivered direct to your doorstep for free! Residential customers receive 10% off bagged products. Just login to your customer portal to access these perks through the menu above.

Join the Movement

Your individual action, combined with our community, can make a tremendous impact. Be part of the waste reduction and climate change movement. Join now!


What Our Clients Say

I really like the sawdust that's included with my compost bucket. It makes it so much easier to keep the bucket clean. I store mine in a 5 gallon bucket to minimize dust. When I need to use it, I open the bucket and toss in a few handfulls of sawdust. So easy!
Bev Shade
I can’t wait to share the word about you guys. You are making a difference and I thank you for letting us also help.
Holly Frankland