Durango's Curbside Composting

No mess, no work, no food waste!

Get started for as little as $15/month.
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Step 1: Sign Up

Your bucket will be delivered to your doorstep on your next recycling day (or sooner)!

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Step 2: Fill Up

We take all food scraps! Please no plastic, metal, glass, or rubber. See full list.

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Step 3: Put Out

Place your bucket curbside once a week on your recyling day!

We Pick Up Glass Too!

Picked up weekly in your own container for just $5/month more!

Interested in Business Composting? Click here!

Support Local

By choosing to support local businesses like Table to Farm Compost, your buying dollars stay in the Durango community and you are helping to grow the La Plata County economy.

Recycle Nutrients

Growing food removes valuable nutrients from the soil. Composting returns those nutrients to the soil, thus completing the cycle.

Save The Planet

Food that decomposes in a landfill releases methane gas, a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20 year lifespan. Plus, saving food from ever making it to the landfill reduces the need for more and larger landfills.

Free Compost

Household customers are eligible for free finished compost when it is available. Customers who don't need compost have the option of donating their share of the finished product to local school and community gardens.

Table to Farm Compost was founded in early 2016 by David Golden and Emily Bowie with the goal of reducing household food waste in Durango. When they moved to Durango in the Spring of 2015, they found themselves living in an apartment with no choice but to send their food scraps out with the trash. They had been composting for years and felt uncomfortable with this, so they decided to create Table to Farm Compost, empowering not only themselves but also the Durango community, to save their scraps from the landfill.

David Golden

David is the owner and operator at TFC. He became passionate about reducing food waste when he started dumpster diving and saw the amount of good food going to waste. David enjoys trail running, backpacking, and web development.

Emily Bowie

Emily works full-time at the San Juan Citizens Alliance as a Campaign Organizer, but helps out Table to Farm Compost on the side with marketing and design. Emily enjoys trail running, biking, reading, and writing.