Table to Farm Compost, LLC

Terms & Conditions

Updated June 2024

Thanks for your interest in Table to Farm Compost’s (T2F)) residential food scrap pick up service! Our mission statement is to recycle food waste into compost and save the earth. We work hard to lead the industry in making the highest quality, biologically complete compost to support soil health and combat global climate change. We are also committed to providing the best possible service and generating the highest level of customer satisfaction. These terms and conditions are meant to ensure that everyone is on the same page as we move forward.

What we will do for you:

  • Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email that will let you know what to expect next. Your green bucket with lid will be dropped off at your door within 1 week of you signing up, or within 2 weeks if you signed up for every other week service.  
  • We will provide you with a 5-gallon bucket and airtight bear resistant twist lid. 
  • You can order wood shavings for free through our customer portal to help keep your bucket smelling good as well as to help with cleaning the bucket. You must leave a bag or bucket out for the sawdust to be placed into. Cleaning the bucket is then your responsibility. 
  • We will empty your bucket between 8AM and 5PM on your recycling day. We can only guarantee service if your bucket is out by 8AM.
  • You will receive two 7.5-gallon dividends of compost back each year as a thank you for being a customer. To receive compost back, please request it online by logging in to your customer portal.  
  • We provide a 10% discount on compost and artisan soil for our curbside compost customers along with free delivery. You must login to the customer portal to receive these discounts. 

What you will do for us:

  • Tell all your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about Table to Farm Compost!
  • Place compostable materials in your bucket. This includes: fruits, vegetables, wood chips, sawdust, eggshells, nuts, coffee grounds, teabags, unbleached coffee filters, and compostable paper-based dish-ware. Please limit meat and dairy products. 
  • For a full list of compostable items, click here.
  • You will not place non-compostable materials in your bucket such as bones, plastic, rubber, animal waste, or anything else that doesn’t biodegrade well. Please check packaging. Many items that say “compostable” only decompose at very high temperatures. Any compostable items rated at 180 degrees or more will not break down in our piles.
  • Place your bucket on the curb at or before 8AM, but no earlier than 6AM, on your pick up day, and retrieve your bucket before 8PM. If the curb is inaccessible because you live in an apartment or condo, or for any other reason, notify us via email and we will work out a different location for pick up.
  • Store your bucket indoors. During the warmer months, this is to keep bears and other wildlife away. During the colder months, this limits frozen buckets/lids/food scraps. 
  • You will not over fill your bucket (the lid must be able to close to keep wildlife away!).
  • Be responsible for your bucket. Any lost, stolen, or damaged buckets (and lids) may incur up to a $12 replacement fee. This is what each bucket costs us.
  • Be consistent with bucket placement. If the bucket is moved around, we may not find it and you may need to wait a week before we can come back and look for it again.

What it will cost:

  • Weekly household subscriptions are $28/month for weekly pick-ups and $18/month for every other week service, plus a one-time $18 set-up fee when you first sign up. Your credit card will be on file and charged automatically each month for the upcoming month of service. You also have the option of paying upfront for 6-months of service.
  • One-time payments will be invoiced prior to each service period. Invoices can be paid by credit/debit card, or check if set up in advance. If payment is not made within 30 days, your card on file will be charged. 
  • Any accounts overdue by more than 30 days will be closed and we will notify you prior to suspending pick-up. We ask that our bucket be returned so we can reuse it, or you can keep it if you like. 

Pick Up Schedule

  • In most cases, with the exception of holidays, T2F follows the City of Durango recycling schedule. Your pick-up day will be the same as your recycling day. Durango West II’s pick up day is Monday, Edgemont is Wednesday, and the small area within our service area but outside of the City up Florida Road is Friday.
  • T2F takes 6 holidays a year. On holidays, service will, in most cases, be delayed one day. The holidays are: Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.
  • On the above holidays, service will be delayed one day only for the holiday day of the week. The rest of the week’s schedule remains the same. Table to Farm Compost does NOT follow the City of Durango holiday schedule. 
  • We will notify you of any changes in schedule due to weather conditions, holiday service schedule, or other unforeseen circumstances via email or text. Please make sure your mobile phone is on file with us so we can text you about service changes. Also, check your email for service updates that may come monthly.

Termination of Service

  • You may terminate or suspend your service at any time by emailing us at info@tabletofarmcompost.com or logging into your customer portal. Refunds are not available and we will pick up your bucket on the last day of service.
  • T2F reserves the right to terminate service at any time for any reason. 
  • T2F reserves the right to cancel service due to extreme weather, unsafe road conditions, holidays, or other operational conditions. You will be notified of such cancellation at least 12-24 hours prior to your pick-up day, unless extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances apply.
  • If any dispute over quality of services, timing of service, or any other issue cannot be resolved through discussion, Colorado law will govern this dispute.

Confidentiality and Warranty

  • Table to Farm Compost LLC will provide the services listed in this agreement, and its employees, agents, or representatives will keep all subscriber information confidential.

Limitation of Liability

  • Table to Farm Compost is not responsible for what happens with its buckets once you have them, so please be careful with them. You are responsible for keeping our buckets safe and in working condition.
  • If you receive finished compost from T2F, Table to Farm Compost LLC is not ultimately responsible for the contents and use of the compost you receive. Though we are careful in our composting practices (including regular testing for heavy metals, removing non-compostable materials, and sifting the final product), it’s up to you to make sure that the compost is used safely and appropriately.
  • Thank you for being a Table to Farm Compost customer!