What We Do With Your Glass!

It doesn’t make any sense to throw glass in a landfill. In order to recycle glass, our community is shipping it to Golden at a high cost both to the City of Durango and to the environment. Why not keep glass recirculating in our own community? In 2020, Table to Farm Compost was graciously awarded a grant from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment to develop end markets for compost, artisan soil, and glass.

We take the glass from our subscription service and crush it for use in some of our artisan soil products. Glass created drainage and provides silica to your plants. Most potting soils use perlite in order to provide drainage to plants, but this has an environmental impact that we would prefer to eliminate eventually.

In the upcoming year, Table to Farm Compost is working to crush glass for a variety of end uses. If you see glass in your soil, it’s there for a reason. While we have handled the glass and find it to be very safe, you should always wear gloves when gardening, especially if you have any concerns.