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Table to Farm Artisan Soil is crafted with quality and sustainability in mind. This proprietary blend of local and sustainable ingredients come together to create an exceptional soil. This soil is loaded with ample nutrients and microbiology to provide for your plants through the entire growing season and even into the next growing season.  Table to Farm Artisan Soil is balanced with all of the essential elements for life, ensuring you will grow the most delicious and nutritious produce. If growing cannabis, add 2 cups/CF basalt rock dust for a long lasting supply of calcium and magnesium.

Due to the nutritional strength of this soil, it is not recommended for seed germination. Germinate seeds in our San Juan Soil or Craft Blend, then transplant into Artisan Soil after the first “true” leaves develop on your plant.

Ingredients: Table to Farm Compost, peat, biochar, pumice stone, chicken manure, kelp meal.

Nutritional Strength: 10/10

Water Retention: Moderate 6/10

Drainage: Moderate 5/10

Uses: Container gardening, raised beds, soil conditioner.

Delivery: On bulk orders, a delivery fee of $80 will be charged in town and $150 outside the Durango City limits. Need compost or an artisan soil blend right away? Visit our sales partner, The Durango Nursery.